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Many of today's environmental challenges can be addressed through the use of plants. Plants hold soil in place, protect stream banks and shores, filter pollutants, offer food for livestock and cover for wildlife. Plants heal the land after wildfire and mining, floods, and drought. Plants beautify our surroundings.

The Plant Materials Program provides application-oriented technology including technical publications, fact sheets, conservation plant releases of conservation plants, conservation plant identification tools for conducting plant materials work and land restoration, and other plant information.

  • Conservation PlantsNRCS and its 25 Plant Materials Centers (PMCs‚Äč) work with cooperating programs for the development of new conservation plants and new vegetative technology. The Plant Materials Program cooperates with a variety of public and private conservation partners to collect, evaluate, select and release plants which are intended for commercial production to solve resource conservation problems.
  • Technical Publications - The Plant Materials Program has an extensive listing of publications categorized by topic.
  • Tools & Data - Learn more about plants and the Plant Materials Program.
  • Media Resources - A collection of Plant Materials Center related YouTube videos