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Civil Rights

South Carolina Civil Rights Committee


Purpose of the Civil Rights Committee 

The purpose of the Civil Rights Advisory Committee is to assist management in achieving civil rights and equal opportunity objectives, goals, and responsibilities in the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in South Carolina. The Civil Rights Advisory Committee supports the affirmative action program, civil rights and program delivery in the state of South Carolina.

The SC Civil Rights Committee is responsible for:

  • Assisting in evaluation of the Civil Rights program in the state; identifying areas of weakness. Identifying current civil rights issues requiring attention of the State Conservationist. Making recommendations to the State Conservationist to increase the overall effectiveness of the Civil Rights program in South Carolina.
  • Reviewing the State’s Affirmative Employment Program Report as it relates to federal employment and make recommendations to maintain and improve the diversity of the workforce in South Carolina.
  • Providing the communication link through which NRCS employees can bring matters to the attention of management.

The Civil Rights Committee is selected to ensure representation from various grades, disciplines, and workforce diversity. The committee meets no less than quarterly, and other times as needed. Nominations for appointments may come from Committee members and the State Management Team. The State Conservationist makes the appointments.

Civil Right Committee Members:

Reginald Hall, Committee Chair, NRCS State Office

Upstate Area Representative(s):

  • Mike Banks, Anderson County
  • Staci Henry, Newberry County

Midlands/Pee Dee Area Representative(s)

  • Debbie Mann, Georgetown County
  • Sharonte Williams, Newberry County

Lowcountry Area Representative(s)

  • Ben Padget, Hampton County


Civil Rights Posters and Bulletin Board Materials

South Carolina NRCS Civil Rights Posters and Bulletin Board Materials 

Civil Rights Committee Meeting Minutes  

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Sabrenna Bryant at 803-765-5419. 

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

January 2014 Committee Minutes (pending approval) (Word; 28 KB)
July 2013 Committee Minutes (Word; 33 KB)
October 2012 Committee Minutes (PDF; 378 KB)
July 2012 Committee Minutes  (PDF; 77 KB) 

Civil Rights Archives

Civil Rights Committee Items of Interest

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Sabrenna Bryant at 803-765-5419.  

The some of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.

SEPM Quarterly Report 2014 (PDF; 309 KB) NEW!
AIAN Plan of Work 2014 (Word; 438 KB)
APIO Plan of Work 2014 (Word; 26 KB)
BEPM Plan of Work 2014 (PDF; 12 KB)
FWPM Plan of Work 2014 (Word; 22 KB)
HEPM Plan of Work 2014 (PDF; 232 KB)
LGBT Plan of Work 2014 (Word; 32 KB)
Veterens/Disabilities Plan of Work 2014 (Word; 16 KB)
Civil Rights Committee By-Laws   (PDF; 106 KB)   
Public Meeting Notification Guidelines (PDF; 385 KB)

Civil Rights Committee Members:
Name Office Phone Fax
Reginald Hall,
Committee Chair
NRCS State Office (803)253-3314 (803) 253-3670
Mike Banks Anderson Field Office (864) 224-2126 (864) 224-8914
Sharonte Williams Kershaw Field Office (803) 432-2576 (803) 432-5931
Debbie Mann Georgetown Field Office (843) 546-7808 (843) 546-2243
Ben Padget Hampton Field Office (803) 943-2586/ (803) 943-5743
Ann Bentley Charleston Field Office (843) 727-4160 (843) 727-4541
Staci Henry Newberry Field Office (803) 276-1978 (803) 276-7887


Special Emphasis Programs

The term "Special Emphasis Programs" (SEP) refers to those programs which focus special attention on specific groups as a result of a particular law, regulation, and/or Executive Order. Special Emphasis Programs have been initiated to address the employment-related concerns of groups not specifically included in other programs where aneed for special emphasis or employment concerns of such groups have been demonstrated.  Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPMs) are active members of the Civil Rights Advisory Committee and serve as channels of communication between employees and managers in all areas dealing with Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights.

Special Emphasis Program Observance Months

Black History Month

National Women's History Month

USDA Take Our Daughters To Work Day

Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Disability Awareness Month

National American Indian Heritage Month


Special Emphasis Program Managers:
Name Program Office Phone Fax

Rich Williamson

American Indian Alaskan Native Emphasis Program Manager Sumter Field Office (803) 803-905-7650 (855) 733-3580

Ajoa Harris

Black Emphasis Program Manager Calhoun Field Office  (803) 874-3337 (855) 733-3578

Patrice Moses

Disabilities and Veteran's Emphasis Program Manager NRCS State Office (803) 253-3515 (855) 565-9475

Jackie Heuermann

Federal Women's Program Manager Chester Field Office (803) 581-1906 (855) 563-9300

Carl Wright

Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager Dorchester Field Office (843) 563-3218
(855) 733-3576
Collin Buckner Asian Pacific Islander Program Manager  Greenville Field Office  (864) 467-2755 (855) 589-8996
Angela Snell Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Program Manager NRCS State Office  (803) 765-5682 (855) 563-9308
Name Title Office Phone Fax
Ann English Deputy EEO Officer,State Conservationist State Office (803) 253-3935 (803) 253-3670

Jerry Bynum

Outreach & 1890's Liaison Advisor State Office (803) 765-3045 (803) 253-3670
Jada Burrell Title VII & Employment Advisor State Office (803) 253-3045 (803) 253-3670
Dennis Mobley Asst. State Conservationist for Operations State Office (803) 253-3892 (803) 253-3670


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