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Photos and Videos

South Carolina NRCS Conservation Video Library

South Carolina NRCS, along with conservation partner Dr. Robin 'Buz' Kloot of the Earth Sciences and Resources Institute at the University of South Carolina, present a series of conservation videos. Using demonstration plantings, interviews, case studies, and lectures, viewers learn about conservation practices and basic soil health concepts that result in healthy soil and sustainable agriculture.


Careers in Conservation with USDA-NRCS

A career with NRCS in South Carolina means you will have the opportunity to work with landowners, natural resources, and some of the most dedicated conservationists in the world. Check out our video to find out why our employees love helping people help the land in the Palmetto State!

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Wildlife Habitat For Good

This is the first of nine videos (each around five minutes) that talk about wildlife habitat management and restoration in the southeastern US. This video focuses on why it behooves us as private landowners to take care of the land and what incentives the government has provided for us to do so.

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Benefits of Prescribed Grazing

Prescribed Grazing, a series of seven videos, brings with
it a diverse set of economic and environmental benefits.
In this video, we walk you through the economic, operational and environmental benefits of Prescribed Grazing.

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Soil Stories: The Whole Story

In “Soil Stories”, our protagonist, Francine, embarks on a journey of discovery that begins with her realization that soil is alive and that without soil, life as we know would not exist. In her journey of discovery she meets with soil scientists who help her “see” beneath the surface of the soil and help her understand how diverse yet ordered soil bodies are in the landscape and how much work has been done in soil survey.

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