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Soil Information

Soil Information


Accessing Soil Survey Information

Web Soil Survey

Official Soil Survey Information

The official soils information is stored in digital format and is accessible through the Web Soil Survey. Explore seamless soils data. View, download, and print custom maps, reports, and interpretations based on your area of interest.


Soil Survey Publication CoverSoil Survey Publication CoverHistorical Soil Survey Publications and Other Formats

USDA has been publishing soil survey reports since 1899. For archival purposes, many of these hard-copy publications have been scanned and are available online in portable document format (PDF). Hard-copy soil survey reports provide a snapshot of the soils information at the time of publication. This information becomes dated over time, and those seeking the most current data should access the official data from Web Soil Survey.

A nationwide list of the soil survey products and formats is available from the List of Soil Surveys by State.

Technical Soil Services

Soils information is central to NRCS conservation planning. Technical Soil Services staff in each state assist customers and cooperators with the interpretation and application of soil data. Follow the links below for assistance using the soils data for each state in Soil Survey Region 12:

State Soils Website Email Contact Phone
Connecticut Debbie Surabian 860-871-4042
Illinois Ron Collman 217-353-6639
Indiana Rick Neilson 317-295-5875
Maine Tony Jenkins 207-990-9557
Massachusetts Maggie Payne 774-678-7231
Michigan Martin Rosek 517-324-5241
New Hampshire Don Keirstead 603-868-9931 ext. 128
New Jersey Edwin Muniz 732-537-6061
New York Steve Page 315-477-6526
Ohio Steven Baker 614-255-2483
Pennsylvania Yuri Plowden 717-237-2207
Rhode Island Jim Turenne 401-822-8830
Vermont Maggie Payne 774-678-7231