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Soil Information

Soil InformationTechnical Soil Services

Technical Soil Services staff in each state assist customers and cooperators with the interpretation and application of soil data. Follow the links below for assistance using the soils data for each state in Soil Survey Region 6.

State Soil Website Email Contact Phone
Alabama (334) 887-4559
Arkansas (501) 301-3163
Georgia (706) 546-2013
Illinois (217) 353-6639
Indiana (317) 295-5885
Kentucky (859) 224-7607
Missouri (573) 876-9409
New York (315) 477-6526
North Carolina (919) 873-2141
Ohio (614) 255-2483
Oklahoma (405) 742-1247
Pennsylvania (717) 237-2207
South Carolina (803) 765-5685
Tennessee (615) 277-2550
Virginia (804) 287-1647
West Virginia (304) 284-7597

Additional Links of Interest that relate to Soils

Ecological Site Description and Web Soil SurveyWeb Soil SurveyWeb Soil Survey

If your interest is to obtain soil and ESD information for your farm, ranch, or other lands, then use the NRCS Web Soil Survey application.  You can create your personal Area of Interest (AOI) and view, save, and print maps and reports providing soil and ecological site information defining your specific piece of land. 



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