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Soil Information

NRCS MO�7 Technical Resources

Archived Online Soil Surveys

Key to the Control Section for Particle-Size Classes and Their Substitutes in Mineral Soils

Selected Taxonomic Unit Descriptions

Soil Profile Photo Gallery: The soil profile gallery contains pictures of over 60 soils. Images include soils of the Blackland Prairie, Appalachian Plateau, Valley and Ridge area, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain. Included for each soil is a picture of a typical profile, a brief description, the taxonomic classification, and a link to the official series description.

Major Land Resource Areas (MLRAs)

Map and descriptions for Major Land Resource Areas in MO�7

Major land resource areas are geographically associated land resource units, usually encompassing several thousand acres, characterized by a particular pattern of soils, geology, climate, water resources, and land use. A unit can be one continuous area or several separate nearby areas. Descriptions of the MLRAs in the region are provided.