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A World Beneath Our Feet

Soils are a living, breathing ecosystem that supports our way of life.

From growing our food and supporting our houses, to recycling our water and waste, the kind and quality of soil dictates the ways we can best use the land. 

NRCS provides soil information and assistance with soil management decisions. 

Soil Surveys

The Soil Science Division creates and maintains soil survey maps of the entire US, published online on the Web Soil Survey.  For additional information about soils and soil surveys, visit the Soil Science Division or NRCS Utah Soil Survey.

Soil Health

The latest scientific and technological advances in agriculture have illuminated one area of the soil that has long been over-looked: soil biology.  Biology is what makes the soil function.  Healthy soil biology is essential to maintaining the physical and chemical properties needed for productivity and resilience.  The Soil Health Division is leading the charge in NRCS to provide information, training, and methods for assessing and improving soil health.  For more information about Soil Health, visit the national Soil Health page, see how we are working with Soil Health in Utah, or contact your local NRCS Field Office.

Technical Soil Services and Outreach

Have additional questions about soil or need more information?  NRCS staff are here to help!  Contact any NRCS Office or Soil Survey Staff.