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Conservation Planning

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Conservation planners from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service will work together with you to develop a FREE conservation plan.

Voluntary conservation plans can be developed for a farm, ranch, private non-industrial forestry operation, or shellfish or aquaculture operation.  The information in the plan will be specific to all the land uses for the entire operation (inside of Washington state boundaries). Use of and impacts on natural resources (soil, water, air, plants, animals, humans and energy) are considered in the plan. 

These plans are program-neutral resource management system (RMS) level plans for all land-uses and natural resource concerns. RMS-level voluntary natural resources conservation plans:

  • Inventory and assess the condition of natural resources on/around an operation;
  • Contain valuable information about the land and the operation like maps, soil type, and native plants and animal species that may be present;
  • Discuss alternatives for meeting landowner objectives and natural resource needs;
  • Can help a farmer, rancher, or forester make decisions about their operation; 
  • Give operators a tool that may be necessary to access and compete for financial assistance, loan and insurance rate subsidies, and other financial incentives; and
  • Are yours to keep and can’t be shared with the public or regulators.

Application Period: 

  • January 1-April 30, 2015
  • Applicants Notified by June 2015
  • Plans provided no later than December 31, 2015

Download the Voluntary Natural Resources Conservation Planning fact sheet.

To sign up, visit your local field office and fill out application today!


Free Conservation Plan radio interview, with program manager Peter Bautista
by Lacy Gray, Washington Ag Today

The full transcript can be found at

All applications will be evaluated for selection, but plans are not guaranteed for 2015.