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Conservation Plant Releases - Cape May Plant Materials Center

The Cape May Plant Materials Center has released the following plants to commercial growers to solve specific resource conservation needs. Click on the link to the Release Brochure (if available) to view more information on each plant release. Click on the Scientific Name for more information on the species.

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The following documents require Acrobat Reader

Plant Releases

Release Name Scientific Name Common Name Uses Release Brochure
Cape Ammophila breviligulata American beachgrass restoration and stabilization of coastal dunes and critical areas Brochure (PDF; 140 KB)
Suther Germplasm Andropogon gerardii big bluestem roadside revegetation, critical areas, wildlife habitat, parks, recreational areas, landscapes and prairie restoration Brochure (PDF; 251 KB)
Wildwood Morella pensylvanica bayberry back dune stabilization, windbreaks, field borders, wildlife, and vegetative barrier Brochure (PDF; 152 KB)
Atlantic Panicum amarum coastal panicgrass coastal dune stabilization, mined land restoration Brochure (PDF; 348 KB)
Carthage Panicum virgatum switchgrass wildlife habitat, buffers, pastures, and as a component of native plant mixes Brochure (PDF; 200 KB)
High Tide Germplasm Panicum virgatum switchgrass freshwater stabilization of streambanks and shoreline and for herbaceous riparian buffers Brochure (PDF; 145 KB)
Timber Germplasm Panicum virgatum switchgrass biomass production, critical areas, buffers and vegetative barriers Brochure (PDF; 285 KB)
Ocean View Prunus maritima beach plum back dune stabilization, landscaping, and wildlife Brochure (PDF; 357 KB)
Dune Crest Germplasm Schizachyrium littorale coastal little bluestem disturbed sites such as sand and gravel mines, diversify plant communities in coastal sand dune systems, beach replenishment projects and back dune areas Brochure (PDF; 205 KB)
Suther Germplasm Schizachyrium scoparium little bluestem roadside revegetation, critical areas, wildlife habitat, forage, prairie restoration, parks and recreational areas Brochure (PDF; 136 KB)
Monarch Germplasm Solidago sempervirens seaside goldenrod dune stabilization and wildlife habitat Brochure (PDF; 237 KB)
Coastal Germplasm Sorghastrum nutans indiangrass enhance native warm season grass habitat Brochure (PDF; 142 KB)
Suther Germplasm Sorghastrum nutans yellow indiangrass roadside revegetation, critical areas, wildlife habitat, parks, recreational areas, landscapes and prairie restoration Brochure (PDF; 142 KB)
Avalon Spartina patens saltmeadow cordgrass tidal shoreline stabilization, mitigation-restoration, revegetation and stabilizing tidal stream banks and restoring wetlands Brochure (PDF; 126 KB)
Southampton Germplasm Spartina pectinata prairie cordgrass streambank & shoreline stabilization, biofuel Brochure (PDF; 184 KB)