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Conservation Plant Releases - Big Flats Plant Materials Center

The Big Flats Plant Materials Center has released the following plants to commercial growers to solve specific resource conservation needs. Click on the link to the Release Brochure (if available) to view more information on each plant release. Click on the Scientific Name for more information on the species.

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The following documents require Acrobat Reader

Plant Releases

Release Name Scientific Name Common Name Uses Release Brochure
Niagara Andropogon gerardii big bluestem critical area, pasture, & hay land, stream bank & shore protection, wildlife upland habitat management Brochure (PDF; 249 KB)
Glacial Lake Albany Germplasm Asclepias tuberosa butterfly weed butterfly habitat restoration or enhancement, landscaping, dry site meadows, and roadside plantings Brochure (PDF; 231 KB)
Copper Castanea pumila chinquapin wildlife food and cover Brochure (PDF; 542 KB)
Keystone Cephalanthus occidentalis buttonbush wildlife habitat improvement, wetland restoration or riparian area development Brochure (PDF; 369 KB)
Ruby Cornus sericea ssp. sericea redosier dogwood stream bank protection, windbreaks, fish and wildlife habitat improvement, borders, ornamental, biotechnical slope stabilization Brochure (PDF; 387 KB)
Tioga Dichanthelium clandestinum deertongue critical area planting, forest land erosion control, land reclamation, land reconstruction, revegetating disturbed areas Brochure (PDF; 259 KB)
Lancer Lathyrus latifolius perennial pea erosion control plant, wildlife cover plant, land reclamation, brush management, roadside seeding mixtures, critical area planting where objective includes beautification Brochure (PDF; 141 KB)
Glacial Lake Albany Germplasm Lupinus perennis wild lupine butterfly habitat restoration or enhancement, landscaping, dry site meadows, and roadside plantings Brochure (PDF; 189 KB)
Shelter Panicum virgatum switchgrass forage, wind barriers, critical area treatment, spring nesting habitat, wildlife cover plant Brochure (PDF; 405 KB)
Spike Populus √ócanadensis hybrid poplar biomass fuel wood production; screening and windbreaks Brochure (PDF; null)
Catskill Prunus pumila var. depressa dwarf sand cherry stream bank and shoreline protection, in sandy and gravelly areas where short vegetation is needed, and in low maintenance landscapes Brochure (PDF; 273 KB)
Golden Jubilee Rudbeckia hirta black-eyed Susan critical areas, land reclamation, land reconstruction, recreation area improvement, wetland, wildlife upland habitat Brochure (PDF; 329 KB)
Greenbank Salix interior sandbar willow stream bank and shoreline protection, riparian area development, restoration, and fish habitat Brochure (PDF; 143 KB)
Streamco Salix purpurea purpleosier willow channel vegetation, critical area, farmstead & feedlot windbreak, hedgerows, stream bank protection, wetland restoration, biotechnical slope stabilization Brochure (PDF; 132 KB)
Aroostook Secale cereale cereal rye winter cover crop in the Northeast. Also spring forage production and fed as pasture, green chop or haylage Brochure (PDF; 299 KB)
Kingston Germplasm Spartina pectinata prairie cordgrass erosion control in wetlands, streambank stabilization, wildlife habitat, critical area treatments on wet soils, waster water renovation, providing quick cover on restoration sites Brochure (PDF; 233 KB)
Southampton Germplasm Spartina pectinata prairie cordgrass streambank & shoreline stabilization, biofuel Brochure (PDF; 184 KB)
Meadowcrest Tripsacum dactyloides eastern gramagrass wildlife and vegetative filter strips in conjunction with other plants, and for forage production. Brochure (PDF; 447 KB)
SG4X-1 Tripsacum dactyloides eastern gamagrass plant breeding and further cultivar development