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Conservation Plant Releases - Appalachian Plant Materials Center

The Appalachian Plant Materials Center has released the following plants to commercial growers to solve specific resource conservation needs. Click on the link to the Release Brochure (if available) to view more information on each plant release. Click on the Scientific Name for more information on the species.

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The following documents require Acrobat Reader

Plant Releases

Release Name Scientific Name Common Name Uses Release Brochure
Panbowl Alnus serrulata hazel alder streambank and shoreline stabilization, riparian area restoration, wetland restoration, and wetland wildlife habitat Brochure (PDF; 1.4 MB)
Ruffner Arrhenatherum elatius var. elatius tall oatgrass forage, hay, wildlife habitat, and critical area stabilization
Golden Castanea pumila golden chinquapin wildlife habitat
Quickstand Cynodon dactylon bermudagrass turf and grazing
Augusta Dactylis glomerata orchardgrass forage production, mine reclamation sites Brochure (PDF; 294 KB)
Appalow Lespedeza cuneata sericea lespedeza low maintenance, ground cover to prevent erosion and stabilize soil
KY 1625 Panicum virgatum switchgrass cover & forage plant on marginal low fertility, hillside pasture
Gobbler Quercus acutissima sawtooth oak wildlife food and cover
Bankers Salix √ócottetii dwarf willow stream bank stabilization, erosion control
Rhizo Trifolium ambiguum Kura clover soil erosion control and pasture legume