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Conservation Plant Releases - Brooksville Plant Materials Center

The Brooksville Plant Materials Center has released the following plants to commercial growers to solve specific resource conservation needs. Click on the link to the Release Brochure (if available) to view more information on each plant release. Click on the Scientific Name for more information on the species.

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The following documents require Acrobat Reader

Plant Releases

Release Name Scientific Name Common Name Uses Release Brochure
Gator Germplasm Amphicarpum muehlenbergianum Muhlenberg maidencane stream or canal bank stabilization, wetland restoration and constructed wetlands
Fort Cooper Germplasm Andropogon ternarius splitbeard bluestem critical areas, native area restoration, rangeland, wildlife habitat and ornamental plantings Brochure (PDF; 179 KB)
Arbrook Arachis glabrata perennial peanut forage, cover crop
Brooksville 67 Germplasm Arachis glabrata perennial peanut low growing ground cover in citrus groves, roadway median strips, and xeriscape plantings in urban areas Brochure (PDF; 236 KB)
Brooksville 68 Germplasm Arachis glabrata perennial peanut ground cover in groves, median strips, roadways, and xeriscape plantings Brochure (PDF; 157 KB)
Florigraze Arachis glabrata perennial forage peanut forage
Floral Passion Germplasm Liatris elegans blazing star roadside plantings, landscaping, mine land restoration, and wildlife food Brochure (PDF; 182 KB)
Purple Haze Germplasm Muhlenbergia capillaris hairawn muhly ornamental Brochure (PDF; 303 KB)
Sea Islands Germplasm Muhlenbergia filipes gulfhairawn muhly coastal restoration and basket making Brochure (PDF; 402 KB)
Northpa Panicum amarum bitter panicum wind erosion, beach and sand dune stabilization, and wildlife cover Brochure (PDF; 133 KB)
Southpa Panicum amarum bitter panicum wind erosion, beach and sand dune stabilization, and wildlife cover
Citrus Germplasm Panicum hemitomon maidencane erosion control along streams, channels and pond banks, and for forage in moist pastures Brochure (PDF; 261 KB)
Miami Panicum virgatum switchgrass dune stabilization, hay production, range site improvement, wildlife habitat improvement, cut green forage, waterway vegetation, mine reclamation, and windbreaks Brochure (PDF; null)
Flageo Spartina patens marshhay cordgrass coastal stabilization Brochure (PDF; 332 KB)
Sharp Spartina patens marshhay cordgrass vegetating and stabilizing coastal back dunes, inland waterways, road banks, mine spoils, shoreline stabilization, and saline oil seep areas, and for nutrient reclamation in filter strips Brochure (PDF; 289 KB)
Chapingo Zea mexicana Mexican teosinte wildlife (including deer, turkey, quail, and dove) benefits in conservation programs Brochure (PDF; 196 KB)