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Conservation Plant Releases - Jimmy Carter Plant Materials Center

The Jimmy Carter Plant Materials Center has released the following plants to commercial growers to solve specific resource conservation needs. Click on the link to the Release Brochure (if available) to view more information on each plant release. Click on the Scientific Name for more information on the species.

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The following documents require Acrobat Reader

Plant Releases

Release Name Scientific Name Common Name Uses Release Brochure
Kinchafoonee Germplasm Elymus virginicus Virginia wildrye erosion control for field borders, logging roads, critical area treatments, and cool season cover crop
Sumter Germplasm Juncus effusus Soft Rush wetland wildlife (cover), residential septic systems, constructed wetlands, wetland restoration and riparian buffers Brochure (PDF; 397 KB)
AU Ground Cover Lathyrus hirsutus caley pea cool season cover crop for conservation tillage systems and as a cattle forage Brochure (PDF; 447 KB)
Big-O Malus coronaria crabapple wildlife food and cover, beautification of urban landscapes, windbreaks, screens and hedgerows.
Dove Panicum miliaceum Proso millet wildlife food Brochure (PDF; 270 KB)
Penn Center Germplasm Panicum virgatum switchgrass coastal erosion control Brochure (PDF; 223 KB)
Restorer Schoenoplectus californicus giant bulrush constructed wetlands and to treat non point source pollution; also for use in wetland restoration and creation
Americus Sorghastrum nutans yellow Indiangrass forage, erosion control, buffers, and wildlife habitat Brochure (PDF; 281 KB)
Newberry Germplasm Sorghastrum nutans Indiangrass erosion control, wildlife habitat improvement, natural plant restoration. Brochure (PDF; 341 KB)
Flageo Spartina patens marshhay cordgrass coastal stabilization Brochure (PDF; 332 KB)
Union Germplasm Tridens flavus purpletop erosion control, wildlife habitat improvement and native plant restoration Brochure (PDF; 237 KB)
AU Sunrise Trifolium incarnatum crimson clover early legume cover in conservation tillage systems Brochure (PDF; 293 KB)
AU Sunup Trifolium incarnatum crimson clover cover crop and green manure in conservation tillage systems, for organic farming, and for pollinator habitat Brochure (PDF; 227 KB)
Amclo Trifolium vesiculosum arrowleaf clover cover crop, cattle forage
Highlander Tripsacum dactyloides eastern gamagrass hay production and pasture plantings, buffers, conservation cover, and wildlife habitat Brochure (PDF; 388 KB)
AU Early Cover Vicia villosa hairy vetch cover crop for conservation tillage systems and as an early green manure crop Brochure (PDF; 254 KB)
Americus Vicia villosa hairy vetch winter cover crop in conservation tillage systems