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Publications - Booneville Plant Materials Center

The Booneville Plant Materials Center has published the following documents to solve specific resource conservation needs. Click on the document title to view each document.

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Publication Type

Information Brochures and Flyers

Booneville Plant Materials Center Brochure (PDF; 804 KB) Jacobs, A. 2013. Booneville PMC. Booneville, Arkansas. 2013. 4p. (ID# 11833).

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Plant Fact Sheets

Oilseed Radish Fact Sheet (PDF; 121 KB) Jacobs, A. 2013. Booneville, Arkansas. May 2013. 2p. (ID# 11827).

Purple Passionflower Plant Fact Sheet (PDF; 78 KB) Orick, D. 2008. Plants Database - Purple Passionflower Plant Guide & Wikipedia Encyclopedia. Booneville, Arkansas. August 15, 2008. 1p. (ID# 8018).

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Booneville Plant Press (PDF; 564 KB) Randy King 2017. BPMC. Booneville. Oct. 2017. 3p. (ID# 12952).

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Plant Guides

Berseem Clover (PDF; 271KB) ARPMC 2021. (ID# 13842).

Oilseed Radish Plant Guide (PDF; 205 KB) Jacobs, A. 2013. PLANTS database. Booneville, Arkansas. 5p. (ID# 11828).

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Establishing Maidencane to control shoreline erosion on irrigation reservoir banks in Arkansas (PDF; 1 MB) Haller, Stephen and Pettit, Aaron 2021. USDA-NRCS Booneville Plant Materials Center. Booneville, Arkansas. 1p. (ID# 13759).

Biomass Yield, Height, and Other Quality Parameters for Big Bluestem Varieties and Pre-variety Lines Tested at Three Plant Materials Center Locations in Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri (PDF; 1.5 MB) Wynia, R.L., J.M. Row, J.R. King, A.A. Jacobs, R.L. Cordsiemon, and P.A. Casey 2013. Plant Materials Center Staffs in Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Manhattan, KS. January 2013. 1p. (ID# 11648).

Effect of Switchgrass on Shortleaf Pine Growth in a West-Central Arkansas Alley Cropping System (PDF; 1.7 MB) King, R., A. Jacobs, T. Pratt, L. Goff, /Stoner/Douglas/Rheinhardt 2013. 13th North American Agroforestry Conference. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. June 19-20. 1p. (ID# 11746).

Poster: Using Fertilization, Irrigation, and Harvest Strategies to Maximize 'Alamo' and 'Cave-in-Rock' Switchgrass Production in the Southern Ozarks (PDF; 1.4 MB) Jacobs, A. 2013. Booneville PMC. Charlottesville, Virginia. 2 October 2012. 1p. (ID# 11831).

Yield and Quality of Eleven Big Bluestem Sources in the Southern Ozarks (PDF; 1.8 MB) Jacobs, A. 2013. Booneville Plant Materials Center. Booneville, Arkansas. 25 March 2013. 1p. (ID# 11829).

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PM Annual Progress Report of Activities

PMC 2021 Report of Activities (PDF; 601KB) Stephen Haller 2021. (ID# 13843).

Annual Report of Activities, Booneville PMC 2015 (PDF; 984 KB) James Randy King 2016. Booneville PMC Studies. Booneville, AR. 2015. 4p. (ID# 12856).

Annual Progress Report of Activities (PDF; 731 KB) Randy King 2015. Booneville PMC. Booneville. 2014. 5p. (ID# 12519).

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Release Brochures

'Bumpers' Eastern Gamagrass Brochure (PDF; 220 KB) Pettit, A 2020. Booneville PMC. 06/30/2020. 2p. (ID# 13596).

Wynia Germplasm indiangrass (PDF; 310 KB) JR King 2017. Booneville Plant Materials Center. Booneville, AR. 9-25-2017. 2p. (ID# 13223).

Hampton Brochure (PDF; 84 KB) Tharel, L. and R. King 2008. Booneville PMC Documentation. Booneville, AR. July 2008. 1p. (ID# 7986).

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Release Notices

Notice of Release of Wynia Germplasm Selected Class of Natural Germplasm (PDF; 190 KB) Randy King 2017. Booneville Plant Materials Center. Booneville Arkansas. 9/21/2017. 5p. (ID# 13224).

Hampton germplasm release document (PDF; 33 KB) Tharel, L. and R. King 2007. Signed release documentation. Booneville, Arkansas. release documentation. 6p. (ID# 7595).

Notice of Release of Bumpers Eastern Gamagrass (PDF; 41 KB) King, J.R. and L.M. Tharel 2005. Booneville PMC. Booneville, AR. 4/05. 5p. (ID# 5878).

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Final Study Report

Evaluation of Annual, Cool Seasons for Conservation in the Southern Ozarks (PDF; 273 KB) King, R., E. Pratt, J. Huff, and A. Pettit 2019. USDA-NRCS Booneville AR PMC. Booneville, AR. July 2019. 15p. (ID# 13516).

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Technical Notes

How to calculate the bulk seed planting rate of native warm season grasses based on PLS. (PDF; 238 KB) Randy King 2015. Booneville PMC. Booneville, AR. Sept. 2015. 4p. (ID# 12749).

Pollinator Plants of the Central United States: Native Milkweeds (Asclepias spp.) (PDF; 1.1 MB) Borders, B., A. Casey, J. Row, R. Wynia, R. King, A. Jacobs, C. Taylor, and E. Mader 2013. Portland, OR. June 2013. 21p. (ID# 11905).

VEGETATIVE REHABILITATION OF HIGHWAY CUT SLOPES IN EASTERN OKLAHOMA (PDF; 702 KB) King, J.R. 2011. Final report 5 year study for ODOT. Booneville, AR. 12/20/2011. 16p. (ID# 10719).

Total Digestible Nutrients and Protein per Acre Produced by Five Indiangrass Cultivars (PDF; 75 KB) Tharel, L. 2008. Booneville PMC Study. Booneville, AR. CP 512 Pasture and Hay August 2008. 4p. (ID# 8012).

Dry-Matter Production of Five Indiangrass Cultivars (PDF; 56 KB) Tharel, L. 2008. Booneville PMC Study. Booneville, AR. CP 512 Pasture and Hay, July 2008. 3p. (ID# 8013).

Quality Parameters of Five Indiangrass Cultivars (PDF; 86 KB) Tharel, L. 2008. Booneville AR PMC Studies. Booneville AR. CP 512 Pasture and Hay Aug. 2008. 4p. (ID# 8014).

Dry-Matter Production of Eight Grass Species With Three Levels of Poultry Litter (PDF; 68 KB) Tharel, L. 2007. Booneville PMC Research. Booneville Ark. 6p. (ID# 7593).

Establishment of Native Grasses into Fescue Sod (PDF; 32 KB) Tharel, L. 2007. On Center research. Booneville Ark. 7p. (ID# 7594).

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