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Publications Relating to Urban

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Information Brochures and Flyers

Coastal SoCal Native Plant Hedgerows and Windbreaks (PDF; 182 KB) Burns, C. 2007. Somas , CA field office staff, Casey Burns. Somas, CA. June 2007. 1p. (ID# 7365).

Conservation Showcase, Fall Planting of Native shrubs (PDF; 269 KB) Fenchel, G., D. Dreesen, and B. Garrett 2006. NRCS New Mexico State Office. Albuquerque, NM. 1p. (ID# 6808).

Perennial Native Grasses for Landscaping Accents (PDF; 141 KB) Jensen, N. 2006. USDA-NRCS Plant Materials Center. Bismarck, ND. November 2006. 1p. (ID# 7001).

Constructed wetlands for urban stormwater management: Mobile, Alabama (PDF; 4.2 MB) Surrency, D. 2001. USDA-NRCS. Athens, GA. 6p. (ID# 3014).

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Plant Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: Pecan (PDF; 184 KB) Stevens, J. 2009. Plant Fact Sheet - Pecan. Nacogdoches, TX. Dec. 2009. 2p. (ID# 8298).

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Popular Journal or Magazine Articles

Try warm-season grasses as odor buffer (PDF; 1.6 MB) May, J., W. Powers, and J. Durling 2015. Michigan Farmer. May 2015. 1p. (ID# 12695).

Living Landscapes in South Dakota: A Guide to Native Plantscaping (PDF; 10 MB) South Dakota NRCS 2008. USDA NRCS. Huron, SD. October 2007. 44p. (ID# 7831).

Living Landscapes in Minnesota: A Guide to Native Plantscaping (PDF; 10.7 MB) Minnesota NRCS 2007. USDA NRCS. St. Paul, MN. October 2007. 40p. (ID# 8157).

Living Landscapes in North Dakota: A Guide to Native Plantscaping (PDF; 7.8 MB) North Dakota NRCS 2006. USDA, NRCS, Plant Materials Center.. Bismarck, North Dakota. June 2006. 38p. (ID# 6598).

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Plant Guides

Plant Guide for Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidata) (PDF; 230 KB) Tilley, D. 2017. Idaho Plant Materials Program. Aberdeen, ID. 2/27/17. 3p. (ID# 13144).

Amelanchier canadensis Plant Guide (PDF; 133 KB) Sheahan, C. 2015. Cape May, NJ. September, 2015. 3p. (ID# 12709).

Magnolia grandiflora Plant Guide (PDF; 141 KB) Sheahan, C. 2015. Cape May, NJ. September 2015. 5p. (ID# 12710).

Sheep Fescue Plant Guide (PDF; 541 KB) Ogle, D., M. Stannard, P. Scheinost, and L. St. John 2010. Boise, ID and Pullman, WA. Published 2010, revised November 2014. 4p. (ID# 12477).

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Major Publications

Creating Native Landscapes in the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountains (PDF; 5.2 MB) Majerus, M.E., C. Reynolds, J. Scianna, S. Winslow, L. Holzworth, and B. Woodson 2001. USDA-NRCS Montana Plant Materials Program. Bozeman, MT. October 2001. 16p. (ID# 1734).

Ten-Year Research Findings on Selected Water Efficient Ornamental Plants Using Tertiary Treated and Potable Water (PDF; 12.3 MB) Munda, B., S. Aslan, M. Bergan, D.A. Dyer, M. Pater, E. Beardsley, and S. Cobb 2000. USDA NRCS Tucson Plant Materials Center, published by Desert Water Agency. Palm Springs, CA. 2000. 18p. (ID# 1972).

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Release Brochures

'Bandera' Rocky Mountain penstemon Conservation Release Brochure (PDF; 277 KB) Sandoval, D. 2014. Los Lunas, NM. Los Lunas, NM. March 2014. 2p. (ID# 12164).

'Barranco' Desert willow Conservation Release Brochure (PDF; 325 KB) Sandoval, D. 2014. Los Lunas PMC. Los Lunas, NM. March 2014. 2p. (ID# 12163).

'Bonita' Soaptree yucca Conservation Release Brochure (PDF; 324 KB) Sandoval, D. 2014. Los Lunas PMC. Los Lunas, NM. March 2014. 2p. (ID# 12162).

'Hope' Desert willow Conservation Release Brochure (PDF; 371 KB) Sandoval, D. 2014. Los Lunas PMC. Los Lunas, NM. March 2014. 2p. (ID# 12161).

Purple Haze Germplasm Hairawn Muhly Release Brochure (PDF; 303 KB) Grabowski, J.M. 2012. Brooksville PMC. Brooksville, FL. July 2012. 2p. (ID# 11221).

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Technical Notes

Technical Note 27: Growth performance of Mason and other select cultivars and wild ecotypes of Western redosier dogwood under low maintenance conditions (PDF; 26 KB) Flessner, T.R. 2000. USDA-NRCS Corvallis Plant Materials Center. Portland, OR. OR-TN27, Oct. 2000. 6p. (ID# 837).

TN-PM-11-3-AZ, Arizona Wildfire Risk Reduction and Recovery Tips for Homeowners (PDF; 1.3 MB) Munda, B., D. Ogle, D. Dyer, and S.M. Lambert 2011. USDA NRCS Tucson Plant Materials Center. Tucson, Arizona. September 2011. 19p. (ID# 10483).

Rain Gardens, Capturing and Using the Rains of the Great Plains (PDF; 1 MB) Stange, C. and N. Jensen 2007. USDA, NRCS. Bismarck, ND. April 2007. 5p. (ID# 7278).

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