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Publications Relating to Long Leaf Pine Initiative

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Publication Type

Plant Fact Sheets

Plant fact Sheet-Longleaf Pine (PDF; 219 KB) Owsley, M. and R. Garner 2011. PM Homepage. march 2011. 2p. (ID# 10355).

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Plant Guides

Button Eryngo Plant Guide (Eryngium yuccifolium) (PDF; 1.3 MB) M.Brakie 2021. ETPMC. Nacogdoches, TX. March 2021. 6p. (ID# 13806).

Purpletop Tridens Plant Guide (PDF; 640 KB) Melinda Brakie 2021. ETPMC. Nacogdoches,TX. 2021. 6p. (ID# 13808).

Plant Guide for Pinkscale blazing star (Liatris elegans) (PDF; 240 KB) M.Brakie 2020. June 2020. 4p. (ID# 13600).

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Major Publications

Native understory forbs and grasses for pollinator and insect utilization in southeastern longleaf pine ecosystems (PDF; 1.7 MB) Owsley, M. and R. Garner 2011. PM website. Feb 2011. 6p. (ID# 10201).

Georgia Native Plant Material Guide for Longleaf Pine Understory (PDF; 6.9 MB) Owsley, M. and J. Latham 2008. Georgia NRCS Homepage. Athens, Ga. May 2008. 61p. (ID# 7898).

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Release Brochures

Release Brochure Fort Cooper Splitbeard Bluestem (PDF; 179 KB) J Grabowski 2018. Brooksville PMC. Brooksville, FL. January 2018. 2p. (ID# 13301).

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Final Study Report

Demonstration Project using Four Treatments to convert Bermudagrass and Bahiagrass Pastures to Native Warm Season Species in the Western Coastal Plain (PDF; 680 KB) M.Brakie and A. Shadow 2020. East Texas Plant Materials Center. Nacogdoches, Texas. March 2020. 8p. (ID# 13550).

Evaluation of Swamp sunflower Accessions of the Western Coastal Plain (PDF; 253 KB) M. Brakie 2020. USDA NRCS East Texas Plant Materials Center. Nacgodoches, Texas. May 2020. 11p. (ID# 13601).

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Technical Notes

Site Selection for Longleaf Pine Reforestation in the Western Gulf Coastal Plain and Western Gulf Coastal Flatwoods Region of Texas and Louisiana (PDF; 778 KB) Alan Shadow and Mike Oliver 2022. ETPMC. Nacogodches. January 2022. 8p. (ID# 13877).

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